Uzi Rebhun Completed his doctorate studies in 1997 at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He was trained as a post-doc at the Center for the Study of World Religions of Harvard University (1997-98). Upon returning to Israel he received a tenure position at the Hebrew University where he is today a Full Professor in the field of Jewish demography and statistics.

He has written extensively on migration, both international and internal, the Jewish family, Jewish identification, Israel-Diaspora relations, and antisemitism. His works have been published, among other journals, in Demography, International Migration Review, International Migration, European Journal of Population, Social Stratification and Mobility, Population Research and Policy Review, Social Science Research, and Sociological Forum. His most recent book Jews and the American Religious Landscape was published in 2016 by Columbia University Press. Recently he completed a new co-authored monograph A Double Burden: Israeli Jews in Contemporary Germany which is due in 2022 by SUNY Press.   

Uzi Rebhun CV & Publication list (Jun. 21)



  • Uzi Rebhun
  • Bilateral migration flows, sub-districts of Israel 2018
  • Structure of Religious Identifications in the US, 2007